August 1, 2014 •

August Month of Action: Let’s Talk Girls & the Media!

0Over the last couple of weeks, girls have been all over the media! From Colbie Caillat’s new video “Try” to the Always’ video “Like a Girl” – viewers have demanded (and embraced) alternative images of girls in the media.

So, why is this important? How does media impact our everyday lives? And the lives of girls around the world? 

This month the IDG Summit welcomes media literacy advocate Leanne McGowan and members of SPARK for the August Month of Action “Let’s Talk Girls & the Media”! Throughout the month, we will look at different forms of media and talk about their impact on our daily lives. Leanne and SPARK will help us understand the implications of media and give us the tools to “talk back” to the media effectively.

Are you up for the challenge?! 

Colbie_CaillatHere is how you can participate this week:

1). Watch Colbie Caillet’s new video “Try“.

2). Tell us what you think about Colbie’s message to girls and women. Is it effective? Do you think that media images have a negative impact on girls’ self-esteem? Why or why not?

3). Take Action! 21 year old Annie Garau hasn’t worn makeup since January 1st “after realizing just how much time she and her friends spend talking about their appearance” and worrying about how they looked. To change this pattern, Annie started the Born With It beauty project to help tell other girls and women that beauty isn’t determined by their appearance.

img_0780What about you? How do you challenge the media industry’s focus on beauty? And what other examples can you find where beauty standards are challenged in the media?

Join us for a Twitter Chat with @LTAMedia and @SPARKSummit on Monday, August 11th at 5PM EST and share your ideas with other girls taking action!

Share your ideas with us using the hashtags #IDG2014 #medialiteracy #11MonthsofAction and follow us on Twitter @IDG2014 @LTAMedia @SPARKSummit

Remember: Media literacy skills can help us recognize media’s harmful focus on girls’ physical appearance.