October 25, 2019 •

Arlana, Roxalana and Dariya, ages 18, 15, 11

Girls may be treated differently from region to region, and even from family to family, but we were fortunate to be born in a family with mutual respect, regardless of gender. We believe that we do not live in a particular country, but rather in a certain circle of society that we create for ourselves. However, sometimes there may be those who underestimate you because of stereotypes, however, we believe that this should motivate you to develop. Thus, this problem prompted Arlana to participate in the Technovation challenge, where with the team she created an eco-application “Go WaCo”, which they presented in Silicon valley and won $10 000.

This consequently caused dozen of girls among the country and our whole family to start programming. Even our grandmother gave a speech at the Girls in STEM Camp at the American Space, where Roxalana created a device for patients with Parkinson’s disease with her team.  Additionally, last year, the youngest sister – Dariya – became a Technovation winner in Asia and Australia with her team. There are so many opportunities for girls in STEM that our friend joked that he would like to be born a girl.

In addition to STEM we are playing the violin, doing arts, tennis, gymnastics and etc. Recently, Arlana has finished the first year in Economics at the university in the UK and, living in the international society, confirmed that there are problems with gender inequality in many countries around the world, but you can always choose your social circle and change the beliefs of other people with your, not specifically a girl from a certain place. We believe that the whole world is our home and everything is in our hands.