October 25, 2019 •

Anuhya, age 17

Johns Creek’s average household income is $145K. Johns Creek is the fourth safest city in America. Johns Creek’s education rate is 96.0%. I’m pretty much in paradise, don’t you think?

What people don’t see are the stereotypes forced onto us— privileged, entitled, wealthy… and yet average.

And to overcome this so-called mediocrity, us Johns Creek girls have adopted a toxic slogan: we can, therefore we must.

We CAN reach the unattainable female stereotypes, despite what our hearts truly desire. We CAN make an A in every single one of our classes despite the number of sleepless nights and stress we must endure. We CAN win every competition we see and work hard and run until our very souls bleed out.

We can, therefore we must.

Substance use, alcohol, depression— none of these are uncommon where I live. Others see the facade of wealth but not the underlying symptoms.

But something that us Johns Creek girls have that set us apart from the rest is that we fight for what we stand for. Our burdened pressure for high octane achievements in school, social, and extracurricular settings don’t stop us. We FIGHT for what we stand for— to work towards the change we wish to see in this world.

We accept and move past the standards and stereotypes people push into us… together.

What do us Johns Creek girls do? We hold hands, and we conquer the world together.