October 27, 2019 •

Anoushka, age 14

Being a girl is my pride

I am a daughter,

I am a sister,

I am a friend,

And one day, I will be a wife, then a mother.

But, before all that, I am a girl,

Trying to live my life.

I don’t care if the world doesn’t recognize me,

Because being a girl is my Pride.

I don’t know what my past tells about my gender.

My origin,

But what I do know is that, no matter what they say

I am not just a burden.

If I need to fight, I’ll fight, through peace or violence,

Because I am a girl, a true warrior.

I won’t give up and I won’t be silent

Since my birth, I have been told to behave, but

Still I hold my head high,

Why? Because I always believe in myself,

And trust, this belief, helps me rise.

People warn me about my decisions,

But I still believe in equality,

I never look back but move ahead,

As I am a million more than what a man

can be.

Yes, I am proud to be a girl,

to be a warrior, in and out.

So, for me that’s what it means to be a girl,

In the world where I live in.