September 6, 2014 •

Announcing IDG Summit’s Indiegogo Campaign

Help us bring the International Day of the Girl 2014 #IDG2014 to 1,000 girls around the world!
Join the IDG Summit’s campaign and with your support, we will:
  • Activate the World’s First Girls Global Delegation – This year, even girls who cannot be together physically for IDG 2014, will get the chance to raise their voices and be heard, as part of the world’s first Girls Global Delegation for IDG 2014. Together, we can shine a light on our shared vision and mission of a world where every girl gets to fulfill her potential without oppression, fear or gender discrimination. Join us!
  • Bring the Day of the Girl Summit to 1,000 Girls – Every girl, no matter where she lives, will get the chance to play a part in the IDG 2014 celebration, share special messages, pictures and even wear an official IDG t-shirt. She will get to add her voice to over 500 girls at the United Nations on October 10th. And by using the Official IDG 2014 Avatar in her social media, she can show the world how she celebrates Girls’ Human Rights.
  • Build the Girls’ Rights Movement – The Day of the Girl Summit aims to build upon this year’s momentum and bring more girls together, virtually, all year long. As we successfully reach our milestones, we have plans! Once we reach $10,000, we can create the Girls Speak Out Toolkit ; If we raise $25,000, we will be able to bring bring the Girls Speak Out to two more US cities next year; and with $40,000, we will create the Girls Speak Out App to ensure that girls voices get heard by international policy makers.