Announcing 111 Winners from IDG2013



The Day of the Girl Summit Team is THRILLED to announce the 100 Winners of UGG Boots AND 11 Winners of IDG2013 Prizes, as listed below. If you see your name or social media handle here, you will receive an email TODAY with all of the details to claim your prize!

Congratulations! And cheers to ALL who participated and took action to help make the 2013 Day of the Girl Summit a huge and resounding success! Because of you, the world has heard our message loud and clear: Together we CAN change the world for the better. Cheers!

UGG Boot Winners

  • Ammie L.
  • Fanta D.
  • Hillary F.
  • Ashley F.
  • Jade L.
  • Emma H.
  • Jessica S.
  • Katy D.
  • Lucas H.
  • Julie K.
  • Frost M.
  • Tuhfa B.
  • Yu Wai M.
  • Kymberley W.
  • Claudia S.
  • Maliat M.
  • Sofia P.
  • Alison H.
  • Lori D.
  • Ana M.
  • Dajana A.
  • Fanny C.
  • Amy G.
  • Vincent H.
  • Steven K.
  • Valerie K.
  • Joanne L.
  • Asabea A.
  • Rachel B.
  • Kathy K.
  • Arianna L.
  • Brian S.
  • Faith F.
  • Hallyasosi
  • Domininck C.
  • Isabella C.
  • Samantha G.
  • Isabella G.
  • Jane K.
  • Kim R.
  • Eleanor S.
  • Alexandra S.
  • Jessica A.
  • Deborah T.
  • Zoe S.
  • Emily B.
  • Adline S.
  • Diane P.
  • Mary I.
  • Reanna L.
  • Stefanie M.
  • Robyn S.
  • Deepti S.
  • Marci W-N.
  • Jillian A.
  • Vivian C.
  • Kristina E.
  • Kitty J.
  • Andrea K.
  • Bailey W.
  •  Emily A.
  • Gertie1999 from
  • Franchette Z.
  • Gina J.
  • Michelle H.
  • Leena P.
  • Andre C.
  • Amy J.
  • Alison
  • Asia K.
  • Veronica B.
  • Diana E.
  • Julia C.
  • Janai S.
  • Madhu S.
  • HayLee M.
  • Susan B.
  • Claire C.
  • Noel R.
  • Chiara B.
  • Madeline K.
  • Cassie B.
  • Anika R.
  • Tina B.
  • Kathy S.
  • Tokunbo K.
  • Olivia B.
  • Rachel C.
  • Ashley T.
  • Peggy A.
  • Jessica B.
  • Annemarie O.
  • Julie S.
  • Lynne S.
  • Simone B.
  • Nasoma M.
  • Rashaanne L.
  • Kathiria A.
  • Molly B.
  • Anastasiaxx

Here are the IDG2013 SWAG Winners:

  1. Julia M.
  2. Rhonda D.
  3. Dae S.
  4. Diana I.
  5. Caline S.
  6. Keeley T.
  7. Melanie C.
  8. Andrew A.
  9. Adam S.
  10. Fajr from
  11. Ashley W.

Congratulations! If you do not receive an email today, please contact and we’ll get the instructions to you for claiming your prize. Thank you for your amazing work, participation and here’s to keeping up the momentum!

And remember, stay tuned for more highlights of IDG2013 and exciting plans for IDG2014!

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2 thoughts on “Announcing 111 Winners from IDG2013

  1. Julia S. - Girl Up Teen Advisor

    My fellow Teen Advisor’s and I are the faces of the “for girls, by girls” campaign of the United Nations Foundation (Girl Up) that brings together American girls to raise awareness and funds for the United Nations programs. Together we are strong, and together our voices will change our world. Thank You, Thank You, Day of the Girl Summit 2013!

  2. Stefanie M.

    I had a great time and was so inspired by the speakers at IDG2013! You did an amazing job! What a bonus, I won a pair of UGGS! Thank you!!