October 1, 2019 •

Voices from Girls: #IDGSubmissions

We were so inspired by the submissions we received from girls in 20 different countries for the IDG – Girls Speak Out that we decided to share a few excerpts from these pieces! If you also feel inspired by what you read, check us out on social media and follow #IDGSubmissions to find your favorite #WithGirlsForGirls quote!

“For in her mind, she now remembers a voice from long ago, the guiding hand telling her, Forget not the power you hold.” – India


“My message to every girl-child is to focus our strength and energy to be the best person we can be because we only live this life once.” – Singapore


“Being a girl is a gift. And a real girl knows how to live by her wisdom.” – Mozambique


“Let me shine like a start. I want to remove darkness from people’s minds and to bring brightness.” – Nepal


“She rises from her adversity, but she never forgets her origins. She learns from her mistakes, and she chooses to keep going forward. Even though her steps are heavy… [she] always rises. So too the powerful woman.” – South Africa


“But a girl living in my country, is worthy, capable of achieving her goals… she is a support for her sisters. Because we are so much more than what they think we are.” – Lebanon

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  • Ogbu Daberechi P. says:

    As a girl, leading is not what I dream about anymore, it’s what I do. Projecting my voice for it does count. Am a girl and I choose to takeover. I choose to create enduring value.