It’s Day 7 of 11 Days of Action! Thank you Alice Paul Institute and Bella Abzug Leadership Institute for demanding  #JusticeForGirls for today’s day of action.

Join @AlicePaulInstit for a Twitter Chat from 11am – 12pm and then follow @AlicePaulInstit @AbzugInstitute all day to see how API and BALI girls demand justice!

Girl activists rock our world in their commitment to equality! Today, we celebrate the power of girl activists and the role models who inspire their work. Tell us about what you do to demand #JusticeForGirls. Share a video or image on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and don’t forget to tag @IDG_Summit with #JusticeForGirls

We will post videos and messages all day too! Check out #OrdinaryEquality #BALIgirlsforjustice #BALIgirlsparalajusticia