It’s Day 6 of the 11 Days of Action! Thank you Girl Scouts of the USA for bringing us together for the #GIRLagenda! 

The world’s 1.1 billion girls are an unstoppable force with limitless potential. Many are already taking action to empower themselves, work toward their dreams, and contribute to their communities.

But there’s so much more to do to achieve justice for girls and ensure that every one of them is prepared to take action and make her voice heard. The G.I.R.L. Agenda Powered by Girl Scouts is a nonpartisan initiative to inspire, prepare, and mobilize every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) to lead positive change through civic action.

Through online civic engagement resources tailored for girls ages 5–17, it’s easier than ever to support and prepare girls to make their voices heard. Whether they choose to advocate for positive change in their communities, stand up against everyday injustices, mobilize others to donate or volunteer for causes, or meet with public officials and community leaders to educate them about important issues, girls have plenty of options for getting started.

To help advance the G.I.R.L. Agenda and inspire the next generation of female leaders to become catalysts for change, take your voice to social media:

  • Share how you engage in civic action, include a link to, and use the hashtag #GIRLagenda.


  • I support government officials who demand #JusticeforGirls. Learn how you can take action: org. #GIRLagenda
  • I’m advocating to change sexist dress code policies at my school. Learn how you can take action: org. #GIRLagenda


  • Use the #GIRLagenda hashtag with a link to the civic engagement resources available at


  • My #GIRLagenda is standing up to everyday injustices. For tips on how you can take civic action, visit
  • My #GIRLagenda is speaking out against sexism. For tips on how you can take civic action, visit
  • My #GIRLagenda is demanding equal pay for equal work. For tips on how you can take civic action, visit