#FEMGoGlobal is working to expand Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) opportunities to girls worldwide, especially girls in underserved communities and in some of the most volatile areas of the world.

So take action with us today!

Answer this question for Day 4 of the 11 Days of Action: If you could build a robot, what would your robot do?

  • What would your robot do to help girls in war-torn and underserved communities?
  • How could a robot help girls dealing with injustice and poor living conditions?
  • How can your robot improve access to healthcare and education?
  • How can your robot make a difference?

    Tell us in writing, drawings, pictures and video and post it on Instagram with the tag #FEMGoGlobal. For inspiration, watch this video about the Fe Maidens team from the series “Iron Maidens” and read about finding your inner Boss from the book “She’s So Boss.”
  3. #FEMGoGlobal on Instagram with your robot ideas

It may seem foolish to think that girls who live in crisis would want to learn about STEM while food, water, shelter and peace are the most significant concerns. But the hope a girl can discover when learning something new, knowledge which can be transformative to both her and her community, provides more than skill. Learning advances agency in girls, and especially with STEM, girls can begin to see themselves as problem solvers. Doers. Change-makers.

We need your creativity, ideas and inspiration to fuel our efforts by joining our network of girls, teachers and STEM professionals in building a guide we can share with girls and teachers across the globe. Your drawings, photos, videos, anecdotes, tips… things you have learned in the classroom, workplace, or home. And we’ve partnered with @FeMaidens, one of the only all-girls robotics teams in the country, @WarChildUSA, @KillerImpact and @ShesSoBoss to curate your contributions into materials that can accelerate STEM learning and make it accessible to all.

More about #FEMGoGlobal: Through teamwork, cooperation, and determination, the Fe Maidens of the Bronx High School of Science strive to promote the ideals of FIRST (For Recognition of Science and Technology), as well as give their members the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge. The team is partnered with Killer Impact, a Killer Content company focused exclusively on passionate, purposeful storytelling tied to social impact, developing authentic scripts, training cast and crew, and contributing a portion of its backend profit to relevant charitable partners. Our third partner, War Child USA helps locate safe shelter, provide education, and explore ways that families displaced by war can support themselves, before they are able to return home. War Child has taken on this responsibility as fellow human beings, to treat them with dignity and respond with generosity. She’s So Boss is the fourth FEMGoGlobal partner, a movement which giving girls a safe, collaborative, and supportive space to share their philanthropic, entrepreneurial, and creative ideas through Boss Clubs around the world, based on the book “She’s So Boss.”