composite (2)Global Girl Media is on a mission to erase the stigmas attached to anxiety and depression and we need your help.

Take a video of yourself (less than 30 seconds) singing a song or speaking lyrics that you would share with a friend to lift their spirits when they’re going through a tough time. Share and use the #hashtag #ListenOutLoud on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine and encourage your friends to do the same! And on Oct. 5, join us for a special online event with singer/songwriter Maya Dorn,, who will host a creative vocal and lyric-writing interactive hangout.

Check out her inspirational story and then share yours!

21606673505_8240f6232c_o (1)Together we can change the tune about how people think about Depression and Anxiety. #ListenOutLoud and help those who suffer silently from this illness.