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Girls Speak Out is FULL!

On behalf of the Working Group on Girls and everyone on the IDG Summit Team, we want to thank you all for your enthusiastic response to this year’s Girls Speak Out Registration announcement! We have a FULL HOUSE registered for this year’s Girls Takeover and cannot wait to see so many of you on October 9th! And there’s MORE:

REMEMBER: You can watch the Girls Speak Out LIVE, right here, on October 9th from 3-6pm! So be sure to #JoinUs!

YOU CAN TAKE ACTION WITH US: October 1 kicks off #11DaysofAction! Each day there will be a new set of actions for ALL OF US to take. So please be sure to check in every day and add YOUR VOICE to OURS! Together we can change the world! #SeeUs #HearUs #JoinUs

Throwback to IDG 2014! Check out some highlights from the 2014 Girls Speak Out:


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Register NOW for the 2015 Girls Speak Out

The IDG Summit Team is delighted to announce that registration for the 2015 Girls Speak Out at the United Nations is now OPEN!

Fill out the form below to register to attend the 3rd Annual Girl Speak Out. It’s easy! It’s FREE! And groups of up to 20 are welcome! Just be sure that each person planning to attend is registered: that means each person needs to provide their first and last name and age, in accordance with United Nations Security. Every attendee will be required to show photo identification on the day of the event. So be sure to register each member of your group — whether it be a group of 2 or 20!

This year, it’s a Girls Takeover! #SeeUs #HearUs #JoinUs
Thank you, Working Group on Girls, for bringing us this amazing, powerful and very important event. Together, we can change the world.

Thank you for your interest in attending the 2015 Girls Speak Out at the United Nations. Due to the overwhelming and enthusiastic response, we have reached our attendance limit! Please stay tuned for updates regarding additional ways to attend, participate and get involved in the 2015 Girls Speak Out and IDG Summit. Thank you!

Don’t forget, the Girls Speak Out will be streamed LIVE right here on October 9th! So even if you cannot be with us at the United Nations, you can still #JoinUs!

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Throwback to IDG 2014

Watch and tell us, why do you think we need a Day for Girls?

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See Us. Hear Us. Join us. IDG 2015

In one month, we will begin the 11 Days of Action, and we’ll be shining a light on the Girls Speak Out at the United Nations on October 9th, which all leads up to the International Day of the Girl (IDG) on October 11, 2015. Are you getting ready?

Listen to this amazing girl from India as she speaks about education, how important it is and her frustrations with today’s struggle for girls rights. Can you relate? Will you join forces with girls like her to help make the world a place where every girl can succeed?

Tell us right here, in the comments section below!

Join us! We need you! Together we can change the world.

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Bring Back Our Girls


Add your voice to ours!




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Help Girls Takeover the United Nations!

Imagine: The year is 2065 and girls hold all leadership positions at the United Nations. More than half of the governmental positions in countries around the world are held by girls. Girls’ rights are honored, respected and the global economy is booming. Why? How did this happen? What was the event that changed everything?

How did you, your parents, teachers, friends, and siblings help make this happen? What did community leaders, government officials, the UN and YOU do RIGHT NOW, in 2015 to improve our world for girls?

You can help us make IDG 2015 the greatest celebration of girls, girl power, and the unique roles girls play in our world.

We invite all girls ages 18 or younger to send creative writing or artwork to help shape the 2015 Girls Speak Out!


Here’s How:

1. STEP ONE: SelecAnita at SPK Outt an issue that really matters to you and that impacts girls in your community. Then imagine that in the year 2065 this issue has been resolved. How did this happen? Use the template below to tell us in detail what you or members of your community did (or could do) to solve this issue!

  • Share: Tell a specific story about this issue and how it has impacted the life of a girl (or girls) in your community. What is the issue that girls face today that needs to be stopped?
  • Start: What can your friends/community/family/government START doing to support, celebrate and prioritize girls to end this problem?
  • Continue: What are good things that girls like you are doing to help each other? What are some actions that your friends/community/family/government are already taking to support girls that you think should continue?
  • Why: Tell us why you selected this issue and why you believe your solutions will work.

2. STEP TWO: Send us your responses with a completed IDG Consent Form 2015 by Friday, July 31st! Please make sure your submission fits one of the following formats: speeches, monologues, poems (maximum 250 words), video (maximum length of 2 minutes), pictures (jpeg files of at least 500 x 500 pixels). Email your submission and consent form to: with your name, age, country and contact information!

And get this, EVERYONE who participates will get a special shout out , right here, at www.DayoftheGirlSummit.orgTogether, we can change the world! #IDG2015

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Vote for the T-Shirt Color for IDG 2015

What color do YOU think the t-shirts for IDG 2015 should be? Tell us or vote right here! Or send your vote on Twitter to @IDGSummit2015!

SPARK at IDG 2013Should it be #RED, #ORANGE, #YELLOW, #NAVY We want to hear from you! IDG 2015 is only 3 months away. It’s time to raise our voices, girls, and get ready for the most amazing International Day of the Girl, EVER!


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Watch Chandni on Indian-American Girl Culture, Stereotype and Stigma

Watch Chandni’s speech, as she delivered it at the United Nations on the International Day of the Girl Girls Speak Out on October 10, 2014. Do you relate to her point of view? Why? Why not? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Get Your Tickets Today for March 12 Celebration in NYC

unnamed-2Join the Working Group on Girls in celebrating their 20th anniversary of advancing Girls’ Rights on March 12th in NYC!

You can be part of this historical celebration. Just order your tickets by March 6!

Cheers to our friends at the Working Group on Girls! YOU ROCK!

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Help Shape the Gender Equality Roadmap

TTogether, We Can Change the Worldwenty years ago this September, the United Nations convened its fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China.

They produced what is called The Beijing Platform for Action and identified twelve strategic areas for the empowerment of women and girls.

SInce 1995, the Beijing Platform for Action has served as the gender equality roadmap for governments and communities around the world – but a lot can happen in twenty-years!

Our friends at the Working Group on Girls designed the girls’ survey to gather feedback on what the world looks like for girls 20 years after the Beijing Conference. Girls, ages 13-18, can take the survey in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Arabic. It takes about 5 minutes to complete, but will help shape the global movement for girls’ rights.

photo 3


IDG Summit is a dynamic virtual platform that brings thousands of girls and girl-serving organizations together to celebrate the International Day of the Girl.



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